Artist Bio and CV

Jason Grondin, ( Artist and Curator )

Curriculum Vitae

1988  : Traveled, studying the art and culture of Australia, New                    Zealand, Fiji and the Cook Islands

1989  : Graduated from Casson Film School, Victoria, B.C.

1997  : Began career as an artist

2006  : Became member of the Vic8 art group, showing in and                        around Victoria

2006  : Participated in the annual art event ” Moss Street Paint-                  In ” held in Victoria

2008  : Co-founded the Collective Works Gallery a artist run                          modern art gallery  in Fernwood, Victoria, B.C.

2008  : Solo show “Intergalactic Highways” March 28 to April 17                  at Collective Works Gallery

2009  : Appointed the Curator of Collective Works Gallery,                           responsible for scheduling art exhibitions and curating                      shows for the gallery

2009  : Appointed to the Board of Directors for Collective                                Works Gallery

2009  : Solo show “ Subconscious Download “ April 24 to May 8

2009  : Curated international artist David Hewson’s “ The Road                    and the Wilderness “ painting and drawings from the                          Peruvian Amazon

2009  : Curated Camosun College Fine Furniture program’s “ A                    Chair Affair “

2009  : Invited artist participated in annual art event Ome Art                        Jam, showing  in the Ome City Art Museum and at Sho-                    Sen-Kaku Gallery in Ome, Japan

2009  : Taught workshop “ Spontaneity  Art : Drip paintings and                    Watercolor “  Ome Art Jam, Ome Japan


1997                                     The Gallery

1999                                    Bean Around the World

2001                                    Bean Around the World

2008                                    Collective Works Gallery (Intergalactic Highways)

2009                                    Collective Works Gallery (Subconscious Download)

2009                                    Sho-Sen-Kaku Gallery  ( Ome, Japan )


2005                                     Vining St. Studio ( summer)

2006                                     Vining St. Studio (spring)

2006                                     Moss St. Paint-in

2006                                     Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

2006                                     Vining St. Studio (winter)

2007                                     Bean Around the World (Vic8)

2008                                     Collective Works Gallery (Stilled) group show

2008                                     Collective Works Gallery (Towards the Sun) group show

2008                                     Collective Works Gallery (Pathways) group show

2009                                     Collective Works Gallery Members Group                                                           Show

2009                                     Invited artist participated in annual art event                                                    Ome Art Jam, showing in the Ome City Art                                                          Museum (Ome, Japan)

2010                                    Collective Works Gallery ( Vancouver                                                                      Island: Save it or Sell it )


2009                                     Curated Cindy Shin-Min Wang’s “Salmon                                                               Run” Collective Works Gallery

2009                                     Curated international artist David                                                                           Hewson’s “The Road and the Wilderness”                                                             painting’s and drawings from the Amazon

2009                                     Curated Camosun College Fine                                                                                    Furniture program’s “A Chair Affair”

2009                                     Curated Harumi Ota’s “Bellwether” Collective                                                  Works Gallery

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